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Environmental Justice

The Ebony Collective CDC recognizes that over the years, decades even, environmental issues have affected the black community's health, housing, transportation and the way we socialize. We've seen and felt temperatures rise and fall during the different seasons. However we don’t have data documenting the true impact on the black communities in Portland. At the Ebony Collective CDC we’ve put together a feasibility report that gives a snapshot of the black experience with environmental issues. It's a way to document and assess the health and social conditions the black community encounters on a day to day basis. 

To complete this feasibility study we’ve come up with a plan to have reliable qualitative and quantitative data, historic research and test with community involvement throughout each milestone. 


Our Collective Demands for Climate Change Action

Peace - Become one with nature around us

Planet - Safe Livable environments

People - Healthier Communities 

Prosperity - Better Economy and Job creation

Partnership - Collaboration within industries

What can you do today?

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Economic Development

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With your help, 
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the community is made new!

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