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Programs List

Community Development

  • Wisdom Wednesday

Winter 2020: This program is an opportunity for Black community members, leaders and organizers to come together to discuss heated topics that they believe need solutions to make the community better. This program is about being able to express ourselves in a safe space around topics that interest us. It serves people from ages 21 and over. Eventually we can have a space for 14 to 20 year olds once the space is settled. It should happen two times a month on Wednesday evenings. It will happen in Multan county and then eventually spread out to neighboring counties. We should care because there aren’t many spaces for black folks to come together and discuss topics that they want to talk about and have the ability to problem solve together. It aligns with our mission to by creating a peer educational space that can potentially welcome resources.

  • Youth Athletic Achievement

    • Summer 2021: Youth Athletic Achievement is a Summer basketball camp for youth girls within the age 8-16 years old. A goal we have that we would consider as success would be when youth participants leave the basketball camp with the understanding of the fundamentals of basketball, along with the importance of teamwork. They’re new knowledge of basketball will help them promote a healthier lifestyle, build their social skills, and prepare them to be competitive and ready to play on any team that wants to join. Success also looks like every youth participant having a mentorship connection with the coaches and/or volunteers. We will measure success by taking attendance to ensure each participant is present to build on their skills. We will create assessments that will evaluate participants' knowledge, skills and values of the game.


Economic Development

  • Small Biz & Entrepreneurship Business Boot Camp

This program is a workforce/business toolkit development program for people interested in starting a business. The program is for people of color, low income and youth(18+) who are interested in starting a business but don’t know where to start. It will happen as soon as we find a location that is affordable or free to do workshops. The first event will happen in Multnomah County and then we will make our way in the two other countries. We should care for people. There aren’t many opportunities for undeserved people to have an opportunity to start a business even when they have limited funds. It aligns with our mission in the education and resource section of our mission.

  • Financial Lit for Youth

Financial Stability, helping the youth learn the importance of being financially stable. Youth ranging between the ages of 14 to 24. It should be a quarterly program twice a week for a month. Each month a different set of pre/teens. North/Northeast Portland. If we teach the youth about being financially smart, they will be able to manage their finances. How does it align with our mission?

  • Money Management Boot Camp

The program is a financial literacy/ management 10 week course to guide people on to a pathway of being financially ready for whatever they would like to do (ex. Business, mortgage, traveling etc.) the program serves low income but resilient, individuals, families, and youth 18+). This should happen at the beginning of 2020 year so people can start off the year right. This should start either in North Portland or Gresham and work our way within the region. We should care because low income families, elderly and youth continue to have our finances and chaos and don’t know where to start so we avoid until we are not able to. It’s important for us to take charge of our finances and live debt free like we want. This aligns with our educational and resource part of our mission. 


Education or Resources


Environmental Justice

  • Environmental Justice Event

    • Details coming soon


Social Change

  • Social Change Workshops

This is an 8 weeks of workshop on understanding government and how to unite for social change. Participants are able to graduate from the training. This training is for anyone who wants to understand the non-violence approach to applying pressure to the government and any person of power to ensure that their resources are for the people they claim they want to serve. We will start with Portland and then work our way around the region. We should care because the government and other forms of power have been making decisions for marginalized communities and black, indigenous and other people of color, not with us. African Americans have an interesting history with the government in Portland that has allowed tokens and not helping the majority or the whole community. This aligns with our mission by providing the social change training that the Ebony Collective CDC is rooted in, educating people and applying resources. 

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