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Programs List

Coming Soon: The Ebony Collective CDC Youth Program will aim to support youth advancement is several difference aspects. We will have the program support youth in the following areas:


Coming Soon:

Youth Trainings and Development

We find it important to provide trainings and development in the following areas:

  • youth knowing what to do if/when they come in contact with the police, 

  • have self-defense skills, 

  • life skills, 

  • opportunities for mentorship

  • black history in Oregon.

Workforce Development

Youth need to know that there are different options for their future. We will assist in the following areas:

  • job applications, 

  • interviews and communication skills, 

  • entrepreneurship, 

  • career pathway options,

  • volunteering

Community Education

There are things within the community that black youth don’t have access to on a daily bases. Our program will open black youth to the endless opportunity of understanding the following:

  • nature, 

  • transportation, 

  • college (education), 

  • animals (zoo), 

  • different forms of art (music, photography, etc.)

Health Education

Health in a holistic way is essential to help youth have the tools to become an adult. We find it important for youth to understand:

  • fitness

  • nutrition, 

  • the human body, 

  • mental health 

  • sex education.

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