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The Ebony Collective Coalition

Our mission is to build strong black family political engagement in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas County.

Get to Know Us

The Ebony Collective Coalition was established in 2021 by 5 black identifying Oregonians. It was created out of a civic health initiative through the Northwest Health Foundation to address the need of political power for black families in Oregon. We serve as a resource provider for the community with a focus on engagement, safety, education and political pipeline. The founders believed that there was a strong need for political knowledge, voter education, policies that were for the advancement of black families and elected officials that are champions for black families in Oregon's region (Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington County).  

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Register 500 folks to vote

Historically black folks were not able to register to vote or vote. We've been excluded from the process by poll taxes, literacy tests, fraud and intimidation all turned African Americans away from the polls. The Voting Rights Act passed in 1965. The Voting Rights Act stopped the states from using literacy tests and other methods of excluding African Americans from voting. Its our duty as people to keep our voices heard in the political process by voting and keeping our registry up to date. "Don't boo, VOTE." President Barack Obama

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Endorse candidates that are Black family champions

Time and time again we see candidates take advantage of our vote. We are promised change or improvement to our lives. However, we don't see much follow through with these changes. We need elected in office who fights or argues for causes that benefit our livelihoods. We need folks that will fight for us whether we are in the room or not. Someone that isn't afraid of being held accountable.

Educate Black Families on the Political Process

We believe that the more that our folks are informed on the political processes the more likely they will get involved with the causes that matter to them. Its important to know the difference between the Federal, State and Local government do and how their decisions affect our livelihoods. Our goal is to educate our folks in the way that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee once did in the south.

Collaborate with BIPOC and Unions Organizations Align 

We can't fight this good fight and get into good trouble alone. We are as good as our alliances and support of the people. Collaborating with Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian/Pacific Island and other marginalized groups will help is increase our momentum in awareness and support ballot measures and bills that will uplift the livelihood of black families.

If you’d like to become a Ebony Community Champion Member apply below.

Ebony Community Champion Membership Application

Let's make a difference together!

Current or Former Initiatives

Ballot Measure 111

111 has added a section to the Oregon Constitution establishing a right to "cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable health care" for every Oregon resident.
Passed by the people vote 50.73%

Campaign Finance Reform Initiative

Oregon law currently does not place dollar
limits on contributions to candidates or
political committees. The current lack of
contribution limits has led to contested
elections in Oregon being extremely expensive.
Legislation passed House Bill 4024 in short session 2024

Maintaining Measure 110

In November 2020, Oregon voters passed Measure 110, or the Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act​. The measure’s goal is to establish a more health-based, equitable and effective approach to drug addiction in Oregon by shifting the response to drug possession from criminalization to treatment and recovery. 

Your Vote Matters! Find a Ballot Box Near You

Goal: We come together collectively by having political power. We can start by making sure that we are registered to vote and voting on what matters to us. There is a lot at stake during this med-term election. Such as the Governor seat and 20 seats in our state congress. It is up to us to create change in our communities. It can start with our vote.

Primary Election: May 21st

General Election: November 5th

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