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The Ebony Collective Coalition

We are a black-led organization that builds melanated community and political power.


We envision a world where melanated communities seek to heal and unify through critical thought, knowing true history, the law, how and when to vote, how to protect oneself and others, and legacy building. 


To protect the quality of health, education and economic by ensuring equity in all levels for political advancement.

Your Vote Matters! Find a Ballot Box Near You

Goal: We come together collectively by having political power. We can start by making sure that we are registered to vote and voting on what matters to us. There is a lot at stake during this med-term election. Such as the Governor seat and 20 seats in our state congress. It is up to us to create change in our communities. It can start with our vote.

Deadline for voter registration: October 18th.

Turn in Ballot by November 8th.

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