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Meet the Board 

ShaToyia  Bentley ( Board Chair)

ShaToyia is a Portland native that grew up in north and northeast Portland. She has lived and professional experience in working with the Black community in Portland. After graduating from high school, she went to Mt. Hood Community College where she received her Associate degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Also, she went to receive her Bachelors degree in Community Development in hopes to build or rebuild black communities in the counties. Bentley has a wide range of leadership skills along with experience in non-profits, business and government.

Gwen Ferrell (Secretary)

Gwen has long history of being a community advocate. She nonprofit experience from working in varies roles at Central City Concern (CCC) for 5+ years. While their she help allocate resources to folks in recovery, elderly and people in need of a second chance. Gwen and other staff put together a financial literacy Program at CCC called spend wise. Spend wise helps Central City's residents have a better relationship with their money. Ferrell is also a housing champion! She has experience being a residence service support. Her passion is to connect black community members to resource to be self reliant.

Rolonda Hale (Treasurer)

Rolonda (Ro) is a wiz at numbers! She has varies experience in the accounting world. From personal and business taxes, non-profit balance sheets and more. Ro has her associate degree in Accounting from Mt. Hood Community College. She is currently getting her bachelor’s in Business Management. Every tax season, she volunteers for AARP. 

Erica Scott (Board Member)

Erica is from Baton Route, Louisiana. Since she’s been in Portland she has been a girls youth advocate and leader. She leads a cheer team for girls of the age of 5 and up. She has a associate degree in being a pharmacy tech and currently getting her degree in Health Science.   

Interested in becoming a board member?

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