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Programs & Projects

Programs and projects are happening year round. Take a look at the great work community, volunteers, staff and board members contribute to making our counties a space of belonging.


Rank Choice Voting & Civic Engagement Projects

Phonebanking, Tabling, Canvassing, and other forms of engagement is essential to ensuring that black families are engaged in issues that affects them. We host various engagement activities to ensure that families big or small are able to utilize their civic right. See us at an event near you!


Tax Increment Finance Project

Is Tax Increment Finance being explored in your area? Prosper Portland and Portland Housing Bureau are exploring using Tax Increment Finance on the East side of Portland as a form of investment from the City of Portland. We as a engagement partner have been informing black families that are renters, homeowners and business owners of ways Tax Increment Finance can affect them.


Environmental Justice Program

Environmental affects everyone especially folks in urbanized spaces. We have been using various engagement practices to capture the experience of how it has affected black families in the City of Portland. We find it important that families feel safe in the spaces they occupy. They should not have to worry about the water, soil and air quality around them.


Gwen's Pantry Program

Gwen's Pantry has given out cleaning and toiletries to over 350 BIPOC families in Multnomah County. We intend to expand our reach soon.


Youth Advocacy Project/Program

Our children are our future, and it's important that we prepare them for life and leadership. We host an annual focus group to activate youth to think about critical things that will or have affected them.


Community Safety Project/Program

In 2021, we did a survey and you the community stated that your top concern at this time is safety. We find it important for black families to feel safe as people, in places and things(homes). We have a series of engagement projects going on to see how community define safety and how to make us be and feel more safe.

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